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Did the meeting start on time?*

Was there a prepared agenda?*

Was there a prepared report from the last meeting?*

Was there a prepared financial report?*

Were guests announced?*

Were committee reports presented? *

Did the president run a good meeting?*

Did members participate?*

Did the members discuss activities or fundraisers*

Is there a Membership Problem?*

Was membership discussed?*

Is there a Retention Problem?*

Does the Club do an Exit Interview, before Members are dropped*

Was the tail twister appropriate and active?*

Does the club have a newsletter?*

Do I receive the newsletter?*

Is there a Click Problem?*

Did the meeting end at a reasonable time?*

Are club bills paid? International - State - District*

Are they turning in their MMR report on time? *

Are they making out a Activity report either Monthly or Yearly*

Is there a need to schedule a GMT or GLT visit*

Is there anything the Gov or one of the VDG's can do?*

Would you suggest that the club do a orientation session*

Would you suggest that the club do a self assessment*

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